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I found $100 dollars in Wal-Mart parking lot......

SO anyway Saturday night I went to the movies and saw: Saw 3. The next day I woke up and I was cramping so damn bad. Well I was in some serious pain from noon 'till 5:30 pm. I kept taking a hot bath to ease up the cramps some and I took like 3 aspirns and that didn't help none and I kept using the heating pad but it seemed nothing would ease up the pain. So anyways around 5:30 since the pain had finally eased up a little I decided to go back to Wal-Mart to return my webcam 'cuz I had just swapped it out and the new one I got was blurry so I figured I could return and get a gift card so I could get some Pamprin and a few groceries. So I went and I did that and as I came out of Wal-Mart and was walking to my car I was looking down and I saw what appeared to be some money on the ground. I picked it was folded up real small....I flipped it over and slided it to the side and I saw 100 written on the back. I told myself try not to get excited it's probally some fake play money. SO I just put it into my pocket and got into the car....Well after I got into the car and took it out and unfolded it and fully examined it, I realized it was a real 100 dollar bill. How crazy is that??? How awesome is that??? Stuff like that never happens to me and it happened when I needed money the most. So now I've got money to get my tire patched, money to get my TN drivers liscence on Nov.3rd. Money for gas so I can drive as much as I want to this week. Also money to get a few groceries. I'm all set!!! Isn't that awesome....That saying, "The Lord works in Mysterious Ways", is way true. Finding that money was truly a blessing to me and for that I am truly grateful!!!
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